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Phantom Universe (Summer Chronicles #1)

Phantom Universe (Summer Chronicles #1) by Laura Kreitzer

Description: "This is truly a unique, original, and emotional novel." - YA Bound "Kreitzer blows me away with her imagination with writing, which is deep and rich, her characters multi-faceted." - Fire and Ice "This book is a pleasant mix of sci-fi, romance, and time travel to a dystopian society." - Truly Bookish "The story was so original and breathtaking from the first page on. The story blends genres in a way I haven't seen before, and it was great to see an author be able to create a world that took me in from page one and didn't let me go until I was finished with the book. [. . .] The writing was scarily good." - Electrifying Reviews "I'm glad that Laura Kreitzer tackled the way that young slaves are treated in the slave trade that exists even now." - Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile "This book touches on some very tough subjects, which Laura wrote in an emotional and touching way [. . .]" - Books for Company (from Amazon.com)
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